The Elephant List: Website Review

The Elephant List ( is a daily directory of links to adult thumbnail galleries. Some of the most popular adult websites are these sorts of directories which help you locate free erotic pictures on the web. Site owners offer the free pictures and post links to such directories to attract visitors to their websites. Each day perhaps fifty to a hundred new links are shown.

The site's main page has four day's of such links, about a hundred and fifty links per day. There is no warning page. The page, which is about 70KB, has only a few banner ads and loads well. Each listed link includes the date posted and a category such as "Asian" or "hardcore". It does not tell how many pictures are in the linked gallery but the site's rules demand a minimum of twelve pictures. The site invites you to report bad links with a form at the bottom, but they want your e-mail address when you do so. It has a second page of six more day's worth of links. The site also has archives of links going back months. The archives are organized by category, the same categories used to label the current links. Each archive has anywhere from five to three hundred links.

The unique thing about the site is the number of categories, far more than similar directories. I counted 68 archive sections including sections like "Lingerie", "CheerGirl", and "Stocking". This undoubtedly makes it easier for you to find such free pictures if you have specific tastes. Among the sections is a "Stories" section which has a number of links to free stories from the Literotica erotic story site. There is also a "Male" section separate from the "Gay" section. The Elephant List has no popups and few banner ads making it an easy to use site.

-- Cy

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